It's Hip To Be Fit !
Instructor  John Perry
Office Phone  740-288-0640
Phone Hours  11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. M, W, Th. Or by appointment.
Location  Teleconference, Internet
Times  Tuesday 8:00 EST

Required Text


Suggested Texts available at

Ebook: Its Hip  

Ebook:  Getting Through the Plateau 

Course Description

It's Hip Exercise System:

A neurologically based/full-body exercise program for kids and adults to improve health and enhance athleticism.

A structured program for Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Nursing, Physical Education and Health majors as well as coaches and parents.

Course Objectives

Participants will have a good understanding of human movement as it relates to exercise and fitness.

They will be able to use this knowledge with themselves, their students, clients and children.

Tentative Schedule

One teleconference a week for 6 weeks.

Week 1: Basic anatomy, Evaluation, Biomechanics and Kinesiology.
Week 2: Exercise Programs and movement training; 3 planes of motion.
Week 3: Balance, Proprioception; training the nervous system.
Week 4: Nutrition
Week 5: Speed, agility and conditioning
Week 6: Injury prevention and Rehabilitation

Course Requirements

week 1: Outbound assignment
week 2: Students film themselves doing exercises and/or teaching student or client.
week 3: Outbound assignment
week 4: Design meal plan for themselves.
week 5: Design speed enhancement program
week 6: Case studies of experiences in class

Grading Policy for College Credit

A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, etc.

Attendance Policy

Students must attend all teleconferences.
Access to computers with ability to download E-books and audio files. Also the ability to send and receive Email.

The best course you will ever take!