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Book Arts

Book Arts Based Literacy Learning.

  About the Workshop
Bob Tauber holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Printmaking with minor in Art History from the Ohio State University and has studied in Cuenca, Spain and Guanajuato, Mexico. Mr. Tauber is currently an adjunct professor of art on the undergraduate and graduate level as well as an adjunct art teacher for high school. Join him for a fantastic experience in book making! 

Bob will begin the workshop by giving in-class presentations.
 In these "learn by doing" workshops, participants will explore bookmaking techniques that they can take back to their classrooms to encourage literacy. The Online course will begin following each in-class session. Contact Minda Hager at mhager@lifecentered.com for specifics on times and locations.  An outline of the in-class presentation follows:
1. Book Arts Literacies
    a. Introduction which includes a video if possible. (45 min)
    b. Show-n-tell (45 min)
    c. Organization and set-up (15 min)
2. Hands-on bookmaking techniques:
    a. Accordion book (1 hour)
    b. Side-stitched book (1 hour)
    c. Self-wrapped 2-section saddle-stitched book (1 hour)
3. Redacted fables:
    a. Collaborative retellings (40 min)
    b. Editing the narrative (40 min)
    c. Sketching the dummy (40 min)

The completion of this course yields two graduate credit hours.  Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio. 


  The cost for this course is $400.

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