Seamless Thematic Instruction and Concept Mapping

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All teachers should want to be highly effective. They want students to be inquisitive, absorbing, and dedicated. They want to cherish their roles as educators reaping the joys of teaching that happen when they see student success. These are the things that bring most teachers to this profession in the first place. At the same time teachers are; asked to increase test scores, held more accountable, and given less freedom on what to teach in their classrooms.  Can these two dispositions go hand in hand? The good news is that they can. Teachers can engage students, enjoy their jobs, and be more productive and successful with their teaching than ever before.  While accomplishing this they can also gain more collegiality amongst colleagues and administrators. This is the call to adventure that can be read about in the book, “A Hero’s Journey for Educators”, by _______________.   In this course you will learn some profoundly simple methods to use your current curriculum in new and powerful ways.