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Creative Thinking
  About the Workshop

Educators can learn to see differently by changing their perception, thereby increasing their creative thinking process.  In this workshop, Creative Thinking Experiences, participants will experience a mental shift and will possess the ability to creatively problem solve.  Untapped skills, including the ability to draw will be pursued.  Though beginning students may have little or no drawing skills, in the end a high degree of drawing skill and an even higher level of creative thinking will be achieved.  Participants will also engage in critiquing media and learn to teach children to respond to their complex environment.

Visit Course Syllabus for Part I
Visit Course Syllabus for Part II

This course runs in two parts each five weeks long.  The completion of each part of this  workshop yields two graduate credit hours.  Credit is provided by The University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.

  Part I

  Part I

  The cost for this workshop is $400 for each part.

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