Innovative workshops for Social Studies, Art and Music teachers with a focus on standards and indicators.

  Workshop Objectives
To understand and implement the Academic Content Standards and use indicators and benchmarks to plan instruction for the year.
To use data to gain knowledge about student gaps in their learning and use the information to plan lessons on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
To understand differential learning concepts and how to meet all student needs in a classroom.
To identify pacing practices to ensure all indicators are taught for the year.
To organize instruction for collaborative problem solving and performance measurements.
To explore best practices in content area to increase student performance.
To use collaborative learning strategies to increase student understanding of relevant concepts.
To discuss increasing the writing ability of students in the content area (extended responses on assessments, proficiency, and achievement).
To review benchmarks for the indicators to prepare for state assessments (third, fourth, sixth, ninth, and tenth grades).
To utilize technology to improve teaching and learning in the content area.
To gain strategies to involve parents in the program.
Identify research based programs to improve student performance in the content area.

The completion of this course yields two graduate credit hours.  Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.  The course begins the first Monday of each month.


The cost for credit is $150 per credit hour.

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