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“Get your hips into it!” is the advice from John B. Perry, Physical Therapist/ Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Perry promises dramatic increases in energy and productivity as well as permanent weight loss and improved, pain-free movement with his “It’s Hip To Be Fit Program.” “This fitness program allows the body to move as it is designed to move and promotes the benefits of gaining muscle and eliminating unwanted fat,” reports Perry.
     Whether you are a first time exerciser or a seasoned veteran, this program will skyrocket your fitness level and change your life for the better.  “The biggest question I get from clients is how to fit an exercise program into their busy schedule,” Perry reports. “This program consists of two, seven minute routines that can be done anywhere and with little to no equipment. The program works on all three fitness areas: Your mental, physical and financial fitness. Clients report improved energy and productivity both at home and work. Increased flexibility, strength and weight loss are all benefits of this program as well.”
     John will be teaching a six week teleclass (teleconference call) with internet feedback for questions and assignments. Projects and assignments including the “It’s Hip To Be Fit” program are part of the course. The course is designed for the business professional, busy stay at home parent as well as anyone who is interested in health and fitness, as a teacher, coach or instructor or for personal reasons. Best of all, your can take the class from the comfort of your home!
     John has been utilizing this technique with clients for the past 2 years. He has spent hours researching and testing different protocols and feels he has found the perfect routine for weight loss and fitness. His years of experience and diligent preparation will save you time and money in achieving the body, energy levels and success desired. The ease of execution and lack of need for a lot of space and equipment make it the perfect routine for busy parents and professionals.
     According to Perry, “Most exercise programs work muscles in isolation or individually. They often put you in artificial arenas, i.e. weight benches and/or machines while sitting or laying down. My program gets you on your feet and utilizes the whole body through the hips and core to allow the body to move as it is designed to move. The biggest difference, however, is the way you train your brain and muscles to move synergistically or in harmony with each other; there is just nothing like it out there”.
     Participants of the class will learn basic anatomy, body functions and movements as well as nutrition information and athletic enhancement and injury prevention.
     Mr. Perry has 12 years of experience in the performance enhancement arena, working with everyone from stay at home moms to professional athletes. He is currently teaming up with top names in the book writing and marketing business as well as in the fitness and sports performance enhancement field. He has authored several e-books and articles which can be found on his website www.hiptobefit.com . His most recent venture is his DVD, It’s Hip To Be Fit!, in which he outlines his exercise technique along with complete nutrition, strengthening, aerobic, flexibility and motivational programs. 
     John currently is president of Family Fitness Professionals, Inc. and is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is strength and conditioning coach at Ohio University working with the basketball and football programs. John works with local sports teams at Jackson High School and with clients in group and one-on-one settings in the Jackson area. Perry consults with individuals, coaches and teams throughout the country. John is available for speaking engagements throughout the year as well. 

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Workshop with two graduate semester credit hours.

  The cost for this course is $472

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