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If Learning is 80% Emotion and the memory of emotion is recalled most vividly by the senses associated with it shouldn't we record our reflections by sensorial journaling?

  About the Workshop
Learn what is meant by sensorial journaling and see a beauty in journaling that you may not have known could be created beyond words.  If you are a person who has always wanted to make the most of journaling but been intimidated by the thought of writing this workshop is for you!!

Upon completion of the course requirements, participants should be able to: 1) Incorporate journaling into the classroom; 2) Inspire others to begin journaling; 3) Research and design journaling exercises; 4) Defend journaling via state model of standards.

Click here to check out the syllabus!

The completion of this course yields one graduate credit hour.  Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.  This workshop is given in four weeks online.


  The cost for this course is $150.

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