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Living History

Exciting adventures experiencing the past in the present!

  About the Workshop
Drama provides rich experiences for students, promoting genuine understanding of highlighted events and values, as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction loaded with emotional connections. 

Dramatizing history provides innovative educational opportunities that impact students and  educators.

This workshop for educators has been developed with a commitment to addressing the Ohio Model Curriculum standards. 

Foundations of Dramatization
Teachers will learn to create a comfortable learning environment with activities that relax students through Theater Arts exercises such as movement, vocalization, visualization, interpersonal communication, and intrapersonal exploration:  all integral elements to the development of good dramatic enactment. 

Active Learning
Educators will then be guided through research of primary source historical documents and the creation of simple dialogue elaborating the event.  Consideration of the heroís journey, period costume, environment, and character development will be emphasized.  Educators participating in active learning by mounting a presentation of their own and discovering the depth of learning provided through drama will be confident facilitating experiences for their students.  The teachers will be capable of encouraging their students in developing a presentation or using improvisation to enrich a studentís exposure to a subject. 

The completion of this course yields two graduate credit hours.  Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio. 

View the syllabus.


  The cost for this course is $300.

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