Living History Syllabus



Title:  Living History Workshop/Course for Teachers 

Date(s), Times, Credits:  This hybrid workshop will require 30 contact hours to achieve two graduate level credit hours.  Contact hours include 5 hours of in class instruction, 10 hours of field work and 15 hours of Internet instruction. 

Instructor(s):  Minda Hager, M.Ed. (In-class and Internet instruction)

Description:  This workshop/course is designed for classroom teachers.  This workshop/course highlights Social Studies, Language Arts, and Drama Academic Content Standards and provides methods for achieving these standards through classroom activities with life centered themes.  Participants will gain strategies for facilitating active learning in history utilizing the theatre arts and available historical resources.  The U.S. Department of Education has called for: innovative teaching and learning methods, collaborative space for educators, and the focus on technology in the classroom all centered on fulfilling the Academic Content Standards and ensuring student success.  This workshop/course targets these goals through an interdisciplinary approach. 

Objectives: Upon completion of this workshop students should be able to:

  • To understand and implement life-centered applications of Drama in the classroom to facilitate meaningful learning.

Suggested Text:  Theater Games for the Classroom:  A Teacherís Handbook By Viola Spolin

Topical Outline:
In Class Session:  Introduction
Week 1/2:
  Research, Scripting and the Hero's Journey
Week 3:
  Theater in the Classroom
In Class Session:  Working with Drama
Week 4/5: 
Living the History
In Class Session:  Presentations

Week 6:
  Assessment and Meeting the Standards: 

Attendance of both in-class sessions and presence in the online discussion is required.

Students will be assessed by quality and adequate quantity of discussion postings, rubric scores for presentations, and enthusiastic participation.

The grading scale is as follows:  70-73=C-, 74-76=C, 77-79=C+ etc.               

F                     D

C                       C+

B-             B           B+

A-                      A (A+)






Level of Involvement                     Exhibits dedication to personal and professional growth; passion for learning; enthusiasm for participation in class activities.

Fulfillment of Requirements        All course requirements are met; participant posts commentary to the online discussion on a regular basis and has established a connection to the group as an active learner.

Professionalism                             Shows respect for self and others; reliable, prompt, does his/her share of the work; pays attention and offers valuable insight to course content. 

HONOR POLICY:  Plagiarism (the presentation of someone elseís work as your own) and academic dishonesty, i.e. cheating (deception in fulfilling academic requirements) will not be tolerated. If a student presents someone else's work as his/her own and fails to give credit to his/her sources, the student will automatically fail the class/workshop and risk academic probation.