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Multiple Income Options
  Multiple avenues to time and financial freedom!
About the Workshop
After 12 years of managing a Physical therapy clinic, Physical Therapist John Perry has found a way to have the "time freedom" he has been looking for,For years I was looking for a way to make my own schedule and have the opportunity to run my own business with time and financial freedom as my primary goals.”

Perry will be teaching a teleclass starting September 27th for 8 weeks. It will be focused on multiple income options. In other words, multiple ways to make money working as an independent business owner. It is designed for EVERYONE...non-students, those of you wanting to take a chance and get ahead in the "doing what you love and earning the money" game, and college students - all majors, especially business and education majors.

“Yes, being your own boss is stressful at times,” reports Perry. “However, I feel the positives outweigh the negatives. No, it is not easy and it does not happen overnight.”

Perry explains he is mainly an information marketer. “I sell information via the internet, books, videos, seminars and teleseminars. The topics range from health and fitness to investing in real estate.”

John spends a lot of time learning new information. “A good deal of my day is spent reading and researching. As I find things that work for me, I write and/ or report on them through various media. I like variety and travel as well and my business affords me the ability to do both.”

“I wish someone would have given me this information 20 years ago,” states Perry. “This is why I like doing the seminars and teleseminars. I enjoy seeing people begin their dream of being business owners.”

Perry started Family Fitness Professionals approximately 2 years ago. He consults with high school, college and professional athletes and teams throughout the country. Currently he works with men’s and women’s teams at Jackson High School and is a strength and conditioning coach at Ohio University, working with the basketball and football programs.

He has a website which promotes health and fitness called www.familyfitnesspros.com. John markets information ranging from E-books to DVD’s on this site. 

His other main business venture is with real estate seminars and investing. John deals mostly with the Florida and Las Vegas markets.

Perry promises to have a lot of information each week and several guest speakers on the calls.  So, click here to check out the syllabus for Multiple Income Options and enroll today!

The cost for this course is $628.00

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