A workshop/course specifically for elementary art, music, and physical education specialists

The arts are gaining recognition as a critical component of the curriculum!
  Arts Infused Teaching & Learning
This course has been designed for elementary art, music, and physical education teachers. This course has been specifically developed as an online graduate learning experience which follows workshop participation. Topics covered in this class include: interdisciplinary facilitating, arts infused project methods and approaches, multiple intelligences, entry points.

What You are Going to Learn
As you develop “functional knowledge” you will learn to use Multiple Intelligence theory to enhance student understanding through seven discrete entry points.    

Why You are Going to Learn It
Students access learning opportunities to become engaged in meaningful experiences that result in genuine understanding leading to functional knowledge.  You are expected to teach utilizing explicit objectives and to stipulate the expected outcomes in terms of genuine student understanding.

How You are Going to Use It
Human minds do not all work the same way, and human beings do not have the same cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  You are going to help students master certain curricular or disciplinary materials by teaching and assessing using a variety of strategies, models, and techniques that accommodate different learning styles.


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