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Course Syllabus 

January 26, 27, and 28 and Internet follow-up.
Workshop Fee: $150.00
Spring Semester 2005-2006


Course Description: 

There will be instruction of skills, techniques and methods applicable to teaching and coaching the sport of Track and Field.


Course Objectives:

After completing the Ohio Track & Field Clinic workshop the students should be able to:

1.        Discuss the purpose of a pre-season training plan.

2.        Discuss their philosophy, rules, and regulations.

3.        Develop training plans for individual workouts.

4.        Explain the purpose of the warm-up and cool-down in each practice.

5.        Explain the purpose of periodization.

6.        Discuss the principle of individualism.

7.        Discuss the importance of feedback, and when to give it.

8.        Explain how imagery can help improve performance.

9.        Identify the different types of coaching styles

10.     Discuss the energy system of the human body.

11.     Develop a weight-training program for the different events in track and field.

12.     Explain the importance of good nutrition.

13.     Develop a schedule for outdoor track.

14.     Discuss the importance of recruiting track and field athletes at all levels of competition.

15.     Host a track and field meet.


Grading Procedures:

1.        Attend 90% of the sessions at the clinic.

2.        Write a paragraph about each session.

3.     Provide your school’s spring track budget.

4.        Provide your school’s spring track schedule.

5.        Write a paper about your coaching philosophy.

6.        Plan a fund raising project to help support your program.

Grading Scale:

A = 90-100




F=Below 60