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One Student at a Time

The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's Business

About the Workshop

One Student at a Time
     This course will offer you the opportunity to read, reflect upon, and discuss the philosophies on education described in the book Ms. Grabelle wrote with renowned educator, Dennis Littky. During the second half of the course you will select aspects of the philosophy that you feel will help improve your current teaching practice. You will then implement the philosophies in your classroom or other educational setting and experientially begin to understand ways to design educational settings and practices that allow teaching and learning to be more personalized and effective.
This text describes an education philosophy that is most appropriate for middle and high school settings. However, with a little more creativity and reflection, these same philosophies can be applied in elementary settings as well.

Check out the syllabus for this course!

This online course earns 2 graduate level semester credit hours and is offered in eight weeks.

Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.

  The cost for this course is $400.

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