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Reel to Real

Artistic Achievements of World War I

Welcome to intellectuals at war!

  Reel to Real
This course will introduce students to the realities of the Great War 1914-1918 and its effects on artists, writers, and poets of that age. 

The Great War was a period of unimaginable artistic and intellectual achievement.  Sigmund Freud supported Austria-Hungary at the beginning of the war.  The war produced such great poets and writers such as Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves, Max Plowman, Cecil Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, and Edmund Blunden.  The drawings of Otto Dix and the sculptures of Käthe Kollwitz, who lost a son to World War I and a grandson to World War II, are powerful reminders of the effects of war on the artist. 

This course will show examples of how some of these intellectuals attempted to deal with the mass destruction of the war, and, more importantly, how many of them became victims of the slaughter, where “sanity is the ultimate casualty.”

The completion of this online course yields two graduate credit hours.  Credit is provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio. 


The cost for this course is $300.

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