Turning Slumps Into Streaks
An LCL® Workshop Designed for Bruce Boguski and The Winner's Edge.

Date(s), Times, Credits:  This Online workshop will require thirty contact hours to achieve two graduate level semester credit hours.  Contact hours include 15 hours of Internet instruction and 15 hours of Field Work.  This workshop runs from April 4th to May 1st 2005. 

Instructor(s):   Bruce Boguski (Primary Instructor); Minda Hager, M.Ed. (Teaching Assistant)

Description:  This workshop is designed for sports education and business professionals.  This workshop focuses on strategies to develop powerful habits and techniques which will allow the overcoming of any slump encountered in sports, but with slight modification the success techniques used by world class athletes can wipe out slumps in any area of life.   

Objectives: Upon completion of this workshop participants should be able to understand and implement methods and techniques to overcome slumps in athletics, business, academics and life.

Required Text:  Turning Slumps Into Streaks workbook and audio tape by Bruce Boguski available from The Winner’s Edge, 419-424-3910.

Topical Outline:
Week 1:  The Man in the Glass/Diet
Week 2:
  Powerful Activities for Staying in the Here and Now
Week 3:
  Strategies for Increasing Confidence
Week 4:
  The Art of Visualization/Just for Today
Live Chat:  Ask Bruce Boguski (TBA)

Attendance in the Live Chat and participation in the Online Discussion is required.

Students will be assessed by quality and adequate quantity of discussion postings and enthusiastic participation in the Live Chat.

The grading scale is as follows:  70-73=C-, 74-76=C, 77-79=C+ etc. 

F                     D

C                       C+

B-             B           B+

A-                      A (A+)






Level of Involvement                     Exhibits dedication to personal and professional growth; passion for learning; enthusiasm for participation in class activities.

Fulfillment of Requirements        All course requirements are met; participant posts commentary to the online discussion on a regular basis and has established a connection to the group as an active learner.

Professionalism                             Shows respect for self and others; reliable, prompt, does his/her share of the work; pays attention and offers valuable insight to course content. 

HONOR POLICY:  Plagiarism (the presentation of someone else’s work as your own) and academic dishonesty, i.e. cheating (deception in fulfilling academic requirements) will not be tolerated. If a student presents someone else's work as his/her own and fails to give credit to his/her sources, the student will automatically fail the class/workshop and risk academic probation.