Week One:  Bali

Reading assignment:  Techniques of Balinese Dance (click here), JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance, The Evolution of Legong from Sacred to Secular in the Dance of Bali, from Dance as Cultural Heritage

Video shown in class:  "Trance Dance in Bali from Dancing," WNET, Indonesia from the JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance.

Video:  To see the dance we learned in class click the play button. 

Music:  Click Here for the music for your very own Balinese Dance.

Discussion:  What makes Bali a good country with which to begin the study of world dance?  How does the the culture of the Midwest 2005 differ from Balinese culture in this respect?  To post your answer click here.

Classroom Activity:  Read your class the readings, show your students the video,  and teach them the Balinese dance.  Encourage your students to improvise to the extra music. Following the dancing activity have your students journal their experience.  Post your experience and a sample of a student's journal.

Heads Up to the Final Project!

Choose a culture that has a special connection for you.  Develop a lesson plan.  Find readings, video, music and a short dance you can teach to your class.  Post your plan with a bibliography to the discussion board by Sunday, February 27, 2005 11:59 pm.