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Testing Zone
  About the Workshop

This workshop is designed for classroom teachers.  This workshop focuses on strategies to improve test taking ability in students and provides techniques for achieving mental clarity, relaxation, energy, enhanced memory, and for creating suitable test taking environments.  Participants will gain knowledge of learning styles to identify and facilitate active learning beneficial to students preparing for testing.

The syllabus lists this course as a hybrid (in-class presentation followed by Internet instruction).  If you are interested in taking this course and cannot see a Bruce Boguski presentation you may view a DVD presentation.  Contact Minda for details.

Visit Course Syllabus

If you want a motivational boost for your faculty by Bruce Boguski please, see The Winner's Edge for the Testing Zone presentation schedule or how to schedule a presentation for your school.

The completion of this workshop yields one graduate credit hour.  Credit is provided by The University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.


  The cost for this workshop is $200.

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