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World Dance


World Dance

"Everyone walks into the studio and decides to be Balanchine or William Forsythe," she says. "If they'd done something besides dance--if they knew something about the harmony of classical music or semiotic theory or visual art or physics--wouldn't that give them a better chance to go into the studio and do something besides copying someone else?
Kathryn Posin on choreographers 1999.


About the Workshop
Exploring World Dance, will begin with an in-class session.  In this experiencing workshop, participants will explore the role of dance in diverse cultures of the world firsthand by performing simple dances from different countries.   The online portion of the workshop begins following this session.  The participants will then incorporate elements of world dance into a lesson plan that addresses the Academic Content Standards for their grade level.

Every world culture has its own dynamic dance forms:  trance dance of Bali, capoeira of Brail, butoh of Japan, belly dance of the Middle East, and flamenco of Spain.  India, China and the Pacific Islands have rich and varied traditions, as do Russia, Ireland and Africa.  Dance is part of a broader cultural heritage and exploring the meaning encoded in it provides a key to understanding diverse societies. Students begin by studying the unique aspects of each dance form on video, followed by the physical learning of steps, rhythms and movement quality.  Further explorations is encourage through readings and discussion.
Accommodations are made for different skill levels.

In addition to a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Multicultural Dance from New York University, workshop instructor Kathryn Posin has extensive choreographic experience.  Ms. Posin has choreographed works for Ballet West, the Netherlands Dance Theater, the Ohio Ballet, the Cincinnati Ballet, and was the first international choreographer to stage a work for the Cloud Gate Dance Theater, the national dance company of Taiwan.

Want to know more about Kathryn Posin? Visit her official webpage www.kathrynposin.com Click Here for another short biography. Click here for an article in Dance Magazine.

In-class workshop will be held on a Saturday from 9:00 - 5:00. Sessions of the On-line portion of the course will begin following the in-class presentation.

Completion of this course will earn two graduate level credit hours.  Credit is being provided by the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.

Click here to view the syllabus.

  The cost for this course is $400.