World Dance


Date(s), Times, Credits:  This hybrid workshop will require thirty contact hours to achieve two graduate level credit hours.  Contact hours include 7 hours of in class instruction and 8 hours of Internet instruction and 15 hours of field work.  The workshop begins Saturday, July 9th and ends August 7th, 2005.  Participants are expected to attend an in-class session on Saturday, July 9th, 2005  in the Fine Arts Center on the University of Rio Grande campus from 9:00 am to 5 pm.

Instructor(s):  Kathryn Posin

Objective:  The in-class session of this workshop will examine dance as it appears in four countries of the world:  Bali, Ireland, Russia, and Brazil. 

It is possible to see encoded in the dance forms of a society its values:  religious, artistic, political, economic, and familial.  Dance is cultural heritage and is a key to understanding diverse societies.  Dance is both of a tradition, and living, and its social functions are changing in the present world. 

You will see video footage of dances and other art forms, supported by readings to give context to the forms and behavior of the cultures examined.  After a physical warm up to stretch, strengthen and align the body, simple steps, groupings, rhythms and floor plans will be learned.

We will participate in the energy patterns of a culture and explore some of the experiences that these world dances have brought to those that perform them.  Using this as inspiration, you will be able to re-interpret, improvise on and create your own dance forms. 

Over the course of the online workshop you will take what you have learned into your own classroom.

Topical Outline:
In Class Session:  Saturday, July 9th, 2005 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
Online Week 1:
Online Week 2:
Online Week 3: 
Online Week 4:

Attendance of the in-class session and presence in the online discussion is required.

Students will be assessed by quality and adequate quantity of discussion postings, rubric scores on project unit, and enthusiastic participation during in-class session.


The grading scale is as follows:  70-73=C-, 74-76=C, 77-79=C+ etc.               

F                     D

C                       C+

B-             B           B+

A-                      A (A+)





Level of Involvement                     Exhibits dedication to personal and professional growth; passion for learning; enthusiasm for participation in class activities.

Fulfillment of Requirements        All course requirements are met; participant posts commentary to the online discussion on a regular basis and has established a connection to the group as an active learner.

Professionalism                             Shows respect for self and others; reliable, prompt, does his/her share of the work; pays attention and offers valuable insight to course content. 

HONOR POLICY:  Plagiarism (the presentation of someone else’s work as your own) and academic dishonesty, i.e. cheating (deception in fulfilling academic requirements) will not be tolerated. If a student presents someone else's work as his/her own and fails to give credit to his/her sources, the student will automatically fail the class/workshop and risk academic probation.